Blog vs. Book

Written by: Chris Galanos

I started the blog in April 2018 to give the backstory behind our church’s journey toward movement. We had thousands of views in that first month and the overwhelming response gave us the idea to put much of this content into a book. After blogging for 4 months, I felt like we had enough content to justify beginning the book publishing process. We hired a great editor named Alee who has worked on several DMM projects for Thomas Nelson in the past and she helped guide us through the process.

In the 3 months that it took us to put the book together, more content & powerful stories began to develop which we decided to also include in the book. If you get the book, you’ll get much of the blog content, although in a better, edited form, & you’ll also get the new content we’ve added since our last blog entry in July 2018.

Now that the book project is done, I plan to continue to post weekly to share stories from our church’s journey toward movement. As I encourage in the book, I think reading the book & the blog together will provide the best view of all the exciting things happening at our church and among our DMM Church Planting Teams.

If someone can’t buy the book or would rather get a taste of the content for free before buying the book, the blog will definitely help with that. You’ll even notice that many of the chapter titles in the book mirror the corresponding blog entry titles.

I’m praying that the book & blog together will encourage many other Christians, churches, denominations, and organizations to “raise the sails” with us for a great movement of God in the USA that impacts millions!