Written by: Chris Galanos

After seeing this picture today, I just had to share it with you.

One of my DMM Coaches, Roy Moran, posted this picture on Facebook today.

The caption he wrote was, “What is DMM (Disciple Making Movement)? Here is a picture of one man’s life from East Africa.”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words & that’s definitely true here.

Just look at it.

A man named Akachi wanted to obey Jesus and begin making disciples. As a result, he began sharing with Oberon. Since Akachi was trained in DMM principles, he likely would’ve been sharing with Oberon and his entire oikos. Through his conversations with Akachi, Oberon was undoubtedly transformed by Jesus, and he began to share with Qeshaun and his entire oikos. Qeshaun met Jesus and began to share with Simon, who began to share with Isabel, who began to share with Cael, who began to share with another Amara, who began to share with Wade, who began to share with Naak, who began to share with Maarku, who began to share with Xenia, who began to share with Tabitha, who began to share with Sachihiro, who began to share with Lahahana.

In that one stream alone 13 generations were impacted!


And it all started with Akachi listening to Jesus & beginning to make disciples who would make more disciples.

This is generational discipleship & it is catalyzing movements of God all over the world.

I shared this picture with our staff today & then Stan, our DMM Coach who was also familiar with this story, chimed in and said this:

For the diagram above – this leader talked about trying and failing in DMM and having to go back and rework and re-examine everything he was doing and start all over. God has used them to reach 17 generations!


Akachi got excited about DMM & initially failed in implementing it. He didn’t give up, started over again, and now has reached up to 17 generations in East Africa!

I don’t know about you but this fires me up.

I want to be like Akachi, don’t you? I want to obey Jesus & make disciples generationally like he did, don’t you?

What’s stopping us? We can begin today! Even if you’ve tried & failed, you can start over. Just like Akachi.

Lord, use us to make disciples in our country like you used Akachi to make disciples in his!